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Industry Voices

Industry Voices

  • "Our research shows an often overlooked social consequences that prohibitive rules on data collection and use of data for advertising would have: it would disproportionately adversely affect people with lower incomes who simply do not have the luxury of paying for content and services online. Organising the internet on the basis of your income and what you can afford to pay undermines everything the worldwide web stands for."

    Townsend Feehan
    Townsend FeehanCEO, IAB Europe
  • "This research demonstrates how important it is for European internet users to have their online experience supported by the data-driven industry, giving them access to a diversity of content.  It shows that while users value their privacy, they also have an understanding of the value exchange taking place online and are happy for their data to be used to get access to ad supported content. It is crucial for FEDMA that the new ePrivacy Regulation maintains the ability for the data-driven industry support our society as we know it and remain a growing part of our economy."

    Mathilde Fiquet
    Mathilde FiquetEU Legal Affairs Manager
  • “The value of digital and data-driven advertising has long been questioned, but, thanks to this great piece of research, we can now say for certain that data-driven advertising not only fuels the European economy, but that people also have access to a broad spectrum of free services. It is also evident that the data-driven advertising will continue to grow across Europe, bringing more benefits to society and people, but only if the forthcoming ePrivacy Regulation does not ban a perfectly well-functioning business model for many ad-supported service providers. EACA and our member agencies are committed to informing users better about how their data is used and allowing them to exercise their choices.”
    Dominic Lyle
    Dominic Lyle Director General, EACA
  •  "Staying in touch with the news is important for millions of European citizens and, those of us lucky enough to enjoy life under a democracy, often take our press freedom and media diversity for granted. Yet it is that press freedom and the provision of 24/7 news, entertainment, sports, political enquiry and investigative journalism that underpins our democracy, much of which is funded by data-driven advertising to ensure the widest possible audience on the open web, free at the point of access to the readers. Press publishers need to collect for themselves the quality and specificity of data that advertisers want, if advertisers are going to spend money with them rather than the big platforms which have all the data advertisers want. Data-driven, interest based advertising is highly effective and therefore the most valuable source of revenues to those press publishers who rely on advertising to support the cost of production of professional journalism."
    Angela Mills Wade
    Angela Mills WadeEuropean Publishers
    Council and EDAA
    Board member
  • “We welcome this compelling new research which clearly illustrates the benefits of data driven advertising to the European economy, enabling access to free content while creating jobs, growth and competitiveness. It also starkly reminds us of the potential negative impacts that the future ePrivacy Regulation may have on the current business model of many European companies. Television and radio broadcasters, and their sales houses, rely heavily on data to generate sufficient revenue to develop and provide free online content. A responsible data driven economy needs regulation that allows data driven businesses to thrive in a responsible and attractive manner, something which egta will continue to support.”
    Conor Murray
    Conor MurrayDirector Regulatory and
    Public Affairs, egta
  • "As in any relationship a business establishes with a customer, trust is key. This is no different for the news media sector, who are amidst a transition towards securing a more digital future. The business models that the news media sector applies to its digital offerings depend on online advertising. It is therefore important for free and independent media to work towards a legal framework that guarantees the value of online advertising while fostering trust online."

    Wout van Wijk
    Wout van WijkExecutive Director
    News Media Europe