Explore the realities of ePrivacy Regulation in our video documentaries

Over recent months, the online advertising industry filmmakers have been on a journey across Europe, talking to those affected by the European Commission’s ePrivacy Regulation proposal about the likely impact on the EU economy, on the experience of the internet, and on the lives of Europeans themselves.

We’ve travelled to locations across Eastern, Central and Western Europe to hear first-hand how the digital advertising industry actually uses data, how this would change under the proposed regulation, and what type of internet experience Europeans themselves want.

Scroll down to watch our five short video documentaries the likely impact of ePrivacy regulation on Europe:

Is the advertising industry spying on you?

Many people worry that they are being followed online by ads that collect their personal details to target them. Is this really what digital advertising is all about? And what would change under the proposed ePrivacy Regulation? We talk to users and experts about how online advertising industry uses data. Watch here.

How data drives innovation in Europe

The free movement of data is one of the most powerful drivers of innovation in Europe. We look at how start-ups and entrepreneurs’ use of data helps to deliver a dynamic economy with increased consumer choice. Watch here.

How data delivers a better user experience

Would Europeans’ experience of the internet actually be improved by restricting the use of data in advertising? We explore whether ads are better and less intrusive with or without data. Watch here.

How the EU economy runs on data

Digital advertising contributes €526 billion to EU GDP each year, and 6 million EU jobs depend on it. We explore the role of data within the digital advertising industry – and how the EU economy depends on it. Watch here.

What would happen if digital advertising disappears from the internet?

Half of the digital advertising market could disappear under the proposed ePrivacy regulation. What would that really mean for Europeans’ experience of the internet? Watch here.